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Cappi and Bud

"Prior to embarking in this new direction of mosaic, I had spent the past 20 years
designing and producing a line of whimsical hand built clay sculpture that was sold
in galleries throughout the United States. After "growing" a successful production
oriented studio, I began to long for the days when I used my hands and imagination more,
and my calculator and computer less. I decided to turn my attention to a child-hood
passion--mosaics. By designing work that is one of a kind or in small, limited editions,
I feel the excitement of creating once again.

Love Bug!
There is something magical and compelling about an object comprised of many small bits.
I'm not sure why I am so drawn to the beauty and complexity of a mosaic piece,
but I consider ourselves fortunate that we're able to express our creativity through
this form."

Cappi Phillips

McLovin .... Quality and rodent control supervisor


Society of American Mosaic Artists (SAMA)

Fourth Street Festival of the Arts and Crafts Committee

Indiana Artisan

Indiana Glass Guild

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