Moe's Ache Mailboxes

Yes! They can go outside!

We've had ours out for nearly 8 years on a covered porch.
One happy customer has enjoyed hers, mounted on the front
of her Minnesota house ( exposed to those Minnesota winters )
for five years with no problems.

Each mailbox is not only functional, but an unique, one-of-a
kind art piece that reflects the individuality of your home.
We start with a heavy-duty galvanized steel box. The next step
is to transform it into a work of art using a variety of materials.

The box is sealed to protect it from the elements, and felt pads
are used to cushion the top from potentially abusive mail persons.

These are just a few examples of mailboxes we've done.
Please contact us with your ideas. Prices start at $150.

"For the Birds"
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"Blue Box"
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"Just Send Love Letters"
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